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Go Green and Save Money With Ceiling Fans

Relatively speaking, most people are tired of the high cost of bill at end months. This shows expenses such as electricity is becoming more expensive. Everyone is making an effort to ensure that they save energy used at their homes so as to promote cost savings.

When we talk about home cooling, A/Cs are what comes to most peoples mind. A fact is that they are expensive to install and also use much energy in general which may incur extra cost in electricity. Ceiling fans came to rescue where the installation is cheap and runs on lower energy than A/Cs. Ceiling fans (Power House Fans) has lowered many peoples electric bills since it is more effective too. By ensuring that your ceiling fan rotates counter clockwise in summers it provides a cooling process in which it pulls warm air up in the ceiling and ensuring you feel the cool air. You can also try open windows and blinds to cool the house.

Ceiling fans are a life saver since they are affordable at a reasonable price, they come in different styles and they are also energy efficient. You are advised to buy a ceiling fan with an energy star rating so as to be certain of the energy consumption. The best-selling ceiling fans nowadays are the energy star rated due to the increase awareness of the environment. Energy star ceiling fans move 20% more air effectively and use approximate 50% less electricity than standard ceiling fans.

Energy star qualifications has led to the modification of efficient ceiling fans which have modern blades and motors that result to low energy usage, environment safety and also help you save money. When you go shopping for a ceiling fan you should consider the ones with low usage of wattage. Key factor is to be keen and observe the airflow efficiency of the ceiling fan. How to get the airflow efficiency? Just take the product of airflow and divide it by the watts provided. Energy efficient fans should have an air efficiency of 75 CFM/Watts and higher. You should be more cautious on checking logos since some do not have an Energy saving Star. Energy saving ceiling fans are 60% more efficient than a 150 watt incandescent bulb.

A properly installed ceiling fan can save up to 15-40% on air conditioning during summer. Ceiling fans should be also handled with consideration. Turn off the ceiling fan if it is not used to reduce wastage of energy and reduce bills. Leaving the ceiling fan on without using, it may cause a lot resistance and leading to heat gain in the house. To save more energy, you can use natural way of cooling by opening the windows during the night and closing the windows and blinds in the morning to trap the cool air.

Kind advice is that you make an effort to install Energy ceiling fan in your home and reduce electricity bills. Minimum usage of energy saves our planet by reducing excessive consumption of energy resources.

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