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Fashion and Green Living

Lately, I have been struck by the number of blog entries I’ve read about organic and environmentally friendly clothing. High end designers were showing off their eco-friendly fashion concepts at Fashion Week earlier this month in New York City, REI stores now have a special tag on clothing made from organic cotton, and even Nike is coming out with a shoe that is made from recycled material.

Clothing made from Organic fibers or recycled material really is a great idea at its heart. The use of pesticides on crops, including the cotton that makes our jeans and t-shirts can seep into ground water, be harmful to the individuals spraying it, and may linger in the clothing we wear, among other things. When recycled materials are used to make clothing, it is a great way to reduce the wate that is going into our landfills and the use of organic fibers, limit the exposure that the farmer, farm-hands, and the general population have to pesticides, and fewer pesticides are introduced to the environment as a whole.

Unfortunately, these products are very expensive and outside the reach of the average person, especially with current concerns about the economy. I personally cannot justify purchasing organic and recycled clothing for myself, so I can’t really justify it here at thisecolife.com either! If you are concerned about the clothing purchases you make, here are a few things to consider:

Try to purchase clothes made from natural fibers, even if they aren’t organic. Many fibers are made from petroleum based products. Plus, if you are a fan of the show What Not To Wear, they are already pushing you toward natural fibers. Natural fibers are easier to care for, last longer, and have a natural elegance to them. Silk, cotton, cashmere, and wool are your friends. If you can’t pronounce the material, try to avoid it.

You may also want to consider shopping at consignment stores, Savers, TJ Maxx, or Marshalls, this will help you save money, possibly reuse a gently used article of clothing. Even eco-living guru Debra Lynn Dadd shops at TJ Maxx! (Debra has a great site, check it out sometime!)

Try buying less, I have a closet full of clothing, I rarely need to buy an entire new outfit to rejuvenate it! Try adding a different shirt to an old outfit or maybe a new necklace or jacket to bring it new life!

If you have the option of buying organic clothes, why not go for it? Victoria’s secret has a line or swimsuits that are in their new swimsuit issue. They’re really cute and about the same price as the other suits in the catalog.

Clothing and shopping are deffinite habits for women. Eco-friendly clothing is an exciting and expensive new market, but you don’t have to break the bank replacing your wardrobe. It is also really difficult to find appropriate eco-friendly clothing that you can wear to the office. So, like everything else in thisecolife, take small steps, see where you can reuse something you already own, go for natural fibers, even if they aren’t organic, and don’t feel pressured by the media or the economy. You don’t have to scream organic to make a difference on this earth, but I won’t discourage you if you want to!

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