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Essential Tools for a Well-Equipped Garage

Do you want to turn your average looking garage into an expert workshop? A garage is a place where you park your car but with an efficient planning, you can now utilize every inch of your garage for other works too.

Today we will guide you how to use your garage and what are the must-have tools in your garage. As you wonder where to begin, let’s start with cleaning the garage. Remove the spider webs, dust, and dirt from every corner of the garage. See that your garage does not look like batman’s hideout! Open all the windows in the day and shut them in the evening, ensure sufficient light and avoid darkness. A shabby garage does not really help, after cleaning paint the interior.

Now is time to enhance the utility of your garage. It is not merely a place to keep your vehicles. Your garage can also be used for repairing your vehicles and for the beautification of your cars. In order to proceed, you have to get some tools.

Floor Jack
Whether you are repairing your car, cleaning or painting will need help from a top rated hydraulic floor jack. You certainly do not expect to inspect your car without lifting it.

Jack Lifts
As a rule of the thumb, you should always mount your car on floor jacks which are supported by jack stands or lifts.

Torque Wrench
For tightening the bolts you will always need help from torque wrenches. Buy a good quality torque wrench and occasionally do a recalibration.

Needlenose Pliers
Needlenose pliers have been serving the human kind since the dawn of civilization. Why not get yourself one?

Screwdriver Set
Screwdrivers are handy tools and easily available in the stores. Buy different screwdriver set of varying sizes. Do not forget to buy flat and Phillips screwdrivers too!

A Tarp
You cannot risk misplacing the screws, bolts and other parts. If you throw them carelessly on the floor you are likely to lose them. To avoid such situations, always disassemble the parts on a tarp and keep them in a transparent zipped plastic pouch on a tarp. This also protects the parts from attracting unwanted dirt.

Air Compressor
When it comes to quick turnaround time with high accuracy there is possibly nothing better than an air compressor. Whether you want to inflate the tires or blow-clean the parts, an air compressor will accomplish all tasks.

These are some basic tools you should always keep in your garage. Now let’s discuss how to make your garage a safe place for working. If you spend hours in your garage you should see that there is sufficient air flow in the room. The machinery, tools, vehicles, oil, and lubricants will turn it smelly and suffocating. Fresh air should come in. Open the windows and the doors to avoid the chemical smell. If there are no windows, select an alternative option for ventilating air or install an AC. Always keep a first-aid box ready to deal with minor scratches or cuts. Space management is vital if you want to enhance the utility of your garage.

Remember, there are plenty tools you will get when you visit a local store. Ask your seller when you are purchasing a particular tool to find out if it is really worth the money.

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