Our Mission

Promote eco & green living concept in which people can live more sustainably. We concentrate on environmental protection, energy conservation and sustainable, water purification, organic and etc.

Our Product

Our products are innovative, reliable and based on scientific research by a team of professional nutritionists, doctors, naturopathic doctors, TCM doctors, pharmacists, beautician, health advocates, physical PhD and mechanic engineer.

Your Benefits

We think big - from residential, commercial to Industrial. We strive to provide the best. The “TransEnergy™ Water” with smaller water molecule group can imrpove the penetration, diffusion, solvency, emulsifying power and cleansing power.


We can make a great difference to you and your environment. Live green with us. We concentrate on green & healthy life concept which focus on environmental protection, energy conservation, organic and etc.

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Going Green. It’s more than global warming!

Since this site is for the beginner who is trying to learn about going green, I thought it might be nice to discuss what it actually means to go “green.”

Going green is more than believing that global warming exists and something should be done about it. It isn’t a fad, or a trend. It is action in response to the responsibility of humans (as the ruling animal on this planet) to care for the Earth and ensure that its natural beauty and resources are available for future generations. It is also a responsibility to avoid exposing our bodies to the chemicals that also hurt the outdoor environment.Over the last hundred years, humans have been (and continue to be) responsible for the increased speed of climate change and increased abuse and pollution of our natural resources. These same natural resources are the gifts from the earth to us and should not be taken for granted. If we continue on the path that we are on today, we may face increased health problems from pollution in the air and our water supply.

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